Development and fundraising can be both fun and challenging in the non-profit environment. If done well, your effort generates contributions of time and money, and furthers a worthy cause. If done poorly, the campaign jeopardizes your financial footing and fails those who need what your organization provides the most.

Print newsletters are one of the default communications tools for non-profits. Printing and mailing costs can be significantly reduced by designing your print communications properly. Review your mail piece design with us before you print it to make sure it qualifies for all available postage discounts and can be processed efficiently by the Post Office.

You may also consider sending permission-based, opt-in email communications to coincide with your direct mail communications as a tool to boost response rates. Direct Connection can design, personalize, and send your opt-in email campaigns for a nominal fee. Reply to this email to request a free copy of our “Email Marketing Best Practices” guide or get more information about our Email services.

A strategic communications strategy with messaging grounded in what makes your cause truly exceptional will give your organization a competitive edge. Working with a marketing communications partner like Direct Connection will also help you realize your development and fundraising goals.

Development and Fundraising for Non-Profits
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