Start with an Idea
You can’t build an effective postcard if you don’t have an idea of what you want it to be about. Why are you creating a postcard?  Are you looking to invite new residents to your neighborhood business?  To increase attendance at an event?  To sell a particular item?  Figure it out before you start.

Decide On an Offer
You know why you’re sending the card.  Now what exactly are you going to offer up to your recipients to get them to take action?  Is the item, service, event, etc. compelling enough on its own?  Or are you going to offer a discount or provide some other incentive?

Identify Your Audience
Is the idea a good fit for your entire client or prospect list?  Or do you want to reach out to only a certain segment based on their interests or location?

We can also supply you with a targeted mailing list for direct mail postcards.

Select an Eye-Catching Image
An eye-catching, relevant image could land your card on a recipient’s refrigerator for the next three months, or, even better, make them want to flip the card over and see what you’re offering them.

Write Your Headline
The headline on the front of your card is like the subject line of an email.  It should usually be short and interesting, and (in conjunction with the image on the front) make recipients want to flip the card over and read what you have to say.

Clarify Your Message
Your offer should be easy to read and understand in the time it takes a recipient to go from their mailbox into their house.  Otherwise your card could end up in the garbage without it having achieved the impact you wanted.

Design Your Card
Keep the design simple and easy to scan, because you have 5-10 seconds to get your point across. If you can say what you need to say in a sentence, then don’t say it in a paragraph.

Send Your Card
Once your card is designed, you’ll obviously need to print it and mail it. That is where we come in. We can print, address, and mail your postcards (or any other mail piece design) quickly and minimize your postage costs at the same time.

Steps to Create and Mail an Effective Postcard
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